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Best TOEFL training institutes in Istanbul

Getting to have to go to the university out in an English speaking company is usually a tall order for many people. This is because one has to start learning the language do a test in order to be considered. However, to do the needed test one has to be well informed of the English language, thus enrolling in a TOEFL training institute in Istanbul will be in order. Below are some of the best institutes in Istanbul;

One world Istanbul

The institute offers private lessons to its students who cannot be able to make it to class, regardless where you are with each class having a maximum of 8 students. The small number encourages for the participation of each student so as to be able to advance well. The courses are divided into a number of section, the TOEFL preparation which is geared to students who have a knowledge if the English language, and the pre TOEFL which is for students who learn from the basic vocabulary, thus focusing on the basics. Flexibility is one of its strong points as it fits in schedules based on the student’s need those who need longer hours are taught for longer and those who need shorter go for those ones.

The MBA center Istanbul

The MBA center has the option of its students going for normal classes, individual private lessons and long distance learning. It starts with offering a free test to all its students so as to evaluate your speaking, writing and reading abilities. It also has the option of allowing the student take a repeat class for classes they may have missed. However, MBA offers the option of the student to keep on prolonging their course if they fail to understand at no extra fee in which they still ensure they follow up on the progress of the student. 

Rennert Istanbul

Rennert offers to its student’s examinations at all levels to enable them prepare for the next stage and all this with the help of professionally trained teachers. A person who enrolls is sure to have his/ her abilities tested numerous times with the tests given. With its main aim for the students to be able to answer questions quickly and efficiently and in the end breaking the barrier of communication.

Manhattan Elite Prep

Manhattan elite prep training institute offers the pre- TOEFL test in a learning period of 6-8 weeks running for 28 hours. Also included is an online library and an unlimited class attendance for all its students. It also comes with a reduced fee for any person who enrolls for the program 14 days prior to joining a class. The tutors are focused and keen on ensuring that the students do understand, teaching the students the ways to answer questions ad express themselves in order to pass the test.

However for people who have passed the test, it would be futile to take the TOEFL test if one does not have a visa or passport. Thus one should go and apply for a Turkish online visa, so as to get a step closer to achieving their dreams with its arrival.

Goal is most important to learn English

Although there are many things  you need to learn English such as grammar, reading and vocabulary, the most important step to learn English is set a goal to learn English. There is a saying that "beginning is like doing the 50% of the result". In order to begin and not stop learning English, you need to have a goal to learn English and stick to it whenever. Here is the steps how to have a strong goal to learn English and not stop learning.
  1. Find your dream. Before setting a goal to learn English, think about your dream and how your dream is relevant to your goal of learning English. Think about how learning English can improve your life and help you to achieve your dream. If you are dreaming of high-paying job with good benefits, think about how learning English can help you to get that job and ace on job interview. If you want to learn aboard, think about how speaking English well can help you to studying, and making new friends. Learning English can make our lives better wherever we are in the worlds. So, find your dream and think about how learning English can make your dream live.
  2. Make your English-learning environment. Environment affects the way we study. It is same for learning a language. You don't have to pack your clothes and buy a ticket to the USA or English to attend a three-month English course to make your English learning environment. You can learn English whenever you are in the world. Believe me. All you need to do is a little dedication and goal. How to make your English-learning environment? Start doing your daily activities in English instead of your own language. For instance, start reading books in English, replace your favorite movies into English, listen to BBC radio 133.1 while you are driving. If you like to go to a coffeehouse and talk to your friends, start talking your gossip in English. Use every opportunity to learn English. Not just reading or listening. Improve all your skills using the methods above.
  3. Don't give up. Beginning is the most difficult part of anything. Not just English, everything. Don't give up easily when you are beginning. Think about your dream and how learning English make your life better. Make your learning Environment. Switch your favorite TV serial into English. Once you can make learning English your daily activity and understand English more, you won't think about giving up anymore. Instead, you will try more to learn English. Look luck with your learning.

When to use "Whom"?

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What is your learning style? How it can help you to learn English and ace on Toefl?

As you can see from the picture above, everyone has different approach when it comes to learning. There are 7 types of learning style\showed in the picture\. One of the important things to do during learning English and preparing for standardized tests is defining your own learning style. 

Are you logical or visual? Visual means you prefer to learn something using pictures. Logical or mathematical means you can learn better using logic and systems. Defining which type of learning style works better for you is important for you to learning languages. For example, if your learning style is social, you can learn English by listening to your favorite English music and memorize its lyrics. 

Whatever your learning style is, you can learn English using it. It makes learning process easier.

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