Saturday, May 31, 2014

IBT TOEFL(Internet Based Toefl)

Ibt Toefl is used to measure people's English skill in order to get into a college or university. It is most used nowadays than paper based or computer based toefl. A organization called ETS organizes the exam in the all location that ibt toefl can be taken. You can take this exam regardless where you are because this exam is taken in almost every country. So, you can take toefl in your home country. Ibt toefl is consist of 4 sessions, including writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Overall score is 120. Each session has 30 score. Generally, good score is above 80. So, you must take at lease 20 score on each session in order to do well on ibt toefl. The test is taken according to the sequence : "Reading, listening, speaking, writing". In the reading part, you will read about 3 or 5 passage about many topics such as science, history, or biology. Each passage has 10 to 15 questions, accompanying the passage. Overall, you will answer about 35 to 55 question for 60 to 100 minutes in the reading session. You will read one passage for 20 minutes. In the listening session, you will listen to conversation related to college campus, students and teachers talking and some lectures. Then, you will answer questions about the conversation and lecture you heard. You will listen to 2 conversation and 4 to 6 lectures. Speaking passage includes 2 general question, 2 academic lecture and 2 conversation about college. After that, you will answer the questions, accompanying them one by one. You have to talk on the microphone of computer according the instruction on the test and the teacher in the test center. Last part is writing. It includes 2 essay. In the first essay, you will write an essay answering the question on a given topic. This is usually given topic such as "Who is the most influenced person in your life? or What causes air pollution?". The time to write the essay is 30 minutes. In the second essay, you will write an essay answering the given question after reading a passage and listening to a lecture that is related to the passage. In most cases, you will write about the relationship, difference, and coincidence of these passage and lecture. It is about 20 to 25 minutes. Good luck for Toefl takers.=)

About Toefl exam

Toefl is a measure of English skill in order to get into a college or university nowadays. There are 3 kinds of toefl exam. It includes Ibt(Internet based toefl) Toefl, PB(paper based) Toefl, and computer based Toefl. Paper based is the first type of toefl exam. You might noticed that it is written exam from its name. This toefl is composed of 3 sessions, including reading, listening, and writing. It has no speaking session that is included on other 2 toefl tests. Second type of toefl exam is computer based toefl. That exam is taken on computer, not on paper. It has 4 sessions, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Last type of toefl is Ibt Toefl or internet based toefl which includes 4 sessions reading, listening, writing, and speaking. It is internet based because the people who evaluate the exam receive the exam materials via internet. Most people take this type of toefl exam because ibt toefl is most used nowadays.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


This blog is about how to prepare for ibt Toefl test. I will write about advices to get high score on ibt toefl speaking test, some examples, and speaking exercises. So, visit this blog often, you are preparing to take ibt toefl test.